Osamodas Spell GobgobGobgob

Class: Osamodas
Unlock level: 0
Type: Ability

Element NeutralSmall
6(1)Action point 2(1)Wakfu point

1(5) Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Osamodas can capture a creature's soul by placing it's Gobgob on it and then killing the creature. He can also use this spell to summmon the Gobgob"


  • On creature: captures it when it dies
  • On an empty cell: summons Gobgob
    • Has the Osa's HP, Dodge, Critical Hit%, Resist, and Block
    • Does not benefits from Osa's Summon Damage bonus
    • Benefits from Osa's Heal bonus
  • +0(4) slots in the Gobgob

Spell Progression

AP cost6655443321
WP cost2222211111
Slots inside Gobgob1122334455

Spell Information

This spell when cast upon and unoccupied square will summon a Gobgob that is under your control. The spell Symbiosa can merge you and your Gobgob into a Dragon form.

When cast upon a capture able creature (Icon Summon icon) it will mark the creature for consumption. When that creature dies it's captured by the Gobgob, later the Gobup ability can be used to summon that creature as an ally but under it's own control. Possession can later be used to take control of the captured summon.

Increasing this spell level can increase the number of different creatures you can have captured. Initial you can only have one kind of creature but you can have 5 different creatures with this spell maxed. With the Gobgob interface you can see captured creatures.

Gobgob Rules

  • You can't summon a creature with Gobup after you target a summon with the spell Gobgob.
  • If your Gobgob marked creature dies you can use Gobgob on another creature.
  • You need to have one empty space inside Gobgob before the battle if you going to capture a new creature.

Gobgob interface

The Gobgob interface can be used to manage an Osamodas' pets. It can be increased to store up to five different types of summons at a time (at near maximum Gobgob spell level). Pets can also be digested (released) using this interface. The interface can be accessed through clicking on the paw icon next to health meter.


The Gobgob interface where you can see captured pets.

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