Feca Spell Glyph or ArmorGlyph or Armor

Class: Feca
Unlock level: 1
Type: Support

Element NeutralSmall
2(1) Action point 2(0) Movement point

0-1(6)Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"This specialty enables the Feca to place an Armor on a target or a Glyph on the ground. The resulting Glyph or Armor must be activated using an elemental spell."


  • On target: Places a
Neutral Armor

Neutral Armor

Lvl. 1

This state doesn't stack

This Armor doesn't have any effect but can be activated by Feca spells.
  • On cell: Places a Neutral Glyph
  • +1(10) Plate(s) on Armors
  • +1(10) Charge(s) on Glyphs

Spell Information

Places a Glyph on a cell or Armor on a target. Leveling the spell increases the numer of plates or charges it receives upon activation.

Spell Progression

AP cost2 1
MP cost 2 1 0
Max Range1 2 3 4 5 6
Line of Sightyes no


  • After either a Glyph or Armor is applied, it must be activated with an elemental spell or Peace Armor before it has any effect on combatants.
  • A Glyph has 1 to 20 charges (with Feca Master) and uses up a charge every turn and when a combatant enters or starts a turn on the glyph, applying it's effect.
  • Armor has 1 to 20 plates (with Feca Master, +2 to +6 for Peace Armor) and uses up a plate at the start of each turn and every time the combatant with the armor is attacked.
  • The type of armor worn by the caster can be changed by casting a different spell on it. This will not change the number of plates and cannot be used on others (they get hit with the basic effect of the spell).
  • Both Glyph and Armor are destroyed when they lose all of their charges or plates.
  • A Glyph and Armor undergo a seperate Mechanics check (for instance a Feca with 2 mechanics that has applied 2 armors already can still apply 2 glyphs but not any more armors until one of them expires).
  • Glyphs and Armor both last forever until they are charged with a Feca elemental spell or the Glyph is destroyed from attacks by enemies/allies (a Glyph loses 1 charge every time it is attacked while it is not activated).
  • The effect that a Glyph has and its Area of Effect varies according to the spell used to activate it. The effect of Armor also varies according to the spell used to activate it.

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