Glyphs are placed on the ground during combat by the Feca spell, Glyph or Armor.

When casting Glyph or Armor on the ground, it will create a neutral Glyph that can be activated by any of the Feca's elemental spells to get a variety of effects.

They do not obstruct movement, or line of sight through the cells they occupy, nor do they prevent other Glyphs from being place in the same cells.


An activated glyph lasts as long as it has charges remaining. How many the charges are at the start depends on the level of Glyph or Armor and Feca Master.

  • Every time the glyph's effect is triggered, it will reduce it by one.
  • Every time the it's the owner's turn, it will reduce it by one.


Glyphs are triggered whenever a character or creature walks on or starts their turn on a tile within an activated glyph.

  • It will only trigger once if the character starts their turn on a glyph then walked to another tile inside the glyph, or walks on a glyph tile then continued to another glyph tile.
  • It will only trigger more than once if the character triggers the glyph(entered or start of turn), then leaves the glyph, and then enters again and vice versa.

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