Lvl. 10

Dropped Resource - Pet Food

This item can be traded

"Only Ghostofs can produce a substance as strange as this. Only them or maybe Gobballs in heat..."

Ghostoplasm is known for its creepy appearance and miraculous powers. Not only can it be used to craft multiple items, but it can also be used to feed a Dragoone. Many have wondered what the clear substance in the vial is. Some say it's holy water, while others claim it's plasma substracted from the ghosts that wander in Wakfu. Some say it's just water and that your Dragoone is better of eating a Bucket of Water, since the Ghostoplasm is just a placebo. But unfortunately, that doesn't work so the Wakfu vendors continue to rip players off because dragoones refuse to eat anything but Ghostoplasm.

These pets eat Ghostoplasm

Image Pet




Dropped By

  • Any Ghostof-type creature.

Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Midnight Hand.png

Midnight Hand

Long Distance Weapons Master


Ghostoplasm.png Ghostoplasm x37
Raw Ingot.png Raw Ingot x15
Intemporal Dust.png Intemporal Dust x12
Gobball Horn.png Gobball Horn x31

Straw Basket.png

Straw Basket

Leather Dealer


Ghostoplasm.png Ghostoplasm x11
Raw Leather.png Raw Leather x5
Wheat Straw.png Wheat Straw x24

The Goultard.png

The Goultard

Close Combat Weapons Master


Ghostoplasm.png Ghostoplasm x60
Basic Guard.png Basic Guard x15
Sucked Blood.png Sucked Blood x38
Ruby Stone.png Ruby Stone x2
Bendy Handle.png Bendy Handle x30

The Sad Blade.png

The Sad Blade

Close Combat Weapons Master


Ghostoplasm.png Ghostoplasm x28
Bendy Handle.png Bendy Handle x10
Sham Pearl.png Sham Pearl x1
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