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This is a list of all Skin Gems that can be equipped on your Gemlin.

Image Name Obtaining
Spiked Gem Spiked Gem Complete the Mind the Step Achievement
GemliPigtailsGemliPigtails Complete the War Craft Achievement
GemliPolterArmGemliPolterArm Complete the Soul Crocobur Achievement
GemliBranchesGemliBranches Complete the Holo 2 Achievement
Big FingemsBig GemliFins Complete the Fish Tales Achievement
Small Grey FingemsSmall Grey GemliFins Complete the Lonely Trip Achievement
High Gray Fingems High Gray GemliFins Complete the Kara Dangerous Achievement
High GemliHorns High GemliHorns Complete the Royal Rumble Achievement
GemtaculesGemtacules Complete the Legless Dungeon Achievement
Big Gray Fingems Big Gray GemliFins Complete the Princess Pooch Achievement
GemliChickGemliChick Complete the Caw Achievement
Small GempetalsSmall Gempetals Complete the Tsar Fox Achievement
GemlinImpGemlinImp Complete the Gold of War Achievement
GemliLeafGemliLeafComplete the Metal Geetar Solid Achievement
Great GempetalsGreat GempetalsComplete the Sin and Puddlement Achievement
GemliSpikesGemliSpikes Complete the Grattle Ground Achievement
High GempetalsHigh Gempetals Complete the Dune Denegrations Achievement
UnknownBody1?  ?
UnknownBody2Small GemliFins Complete the Micro Gnashville or Steam Fortress Achievement
UnknownBody3High GemliFins Complete the Shore Craft Achievement
UnknownBody5GemliBowMeow Complete the Sim Sidimote or Jungle Speed Achievement
UnknownBody6GemliTofu Complete Turfmania: Canyon Achievement
UnknownBody8Platygemlin Obtained when compleating Uncover the secret identity of the Platypus. Islands of Wakfu Achievements
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