These are all the Face Gems that can be equipped on your Gemlin.

Image Name Obtaining
GemliHelm GemliHelm Complete the Snakes and Lawyers Achievement
GemliTengu GemliTengu Complete the World of Twelve's Riches Achievement
GemliGuard GemliGuard Complete the The Last Guardian Achievement
GemliSoldier GemliSoldier Complete the Soldier of Fortune Achievement
GemliRierGemliRier Complete the Waving Wodents Achievement
GemlinEye GemlinButton Complete the Incarnam Asylum Achievement
GemliMaskGemliMask Complete the Tribal Pursuit Achievement
GemliPlankGemliPlankComplete the Craft Star Achievement
GemliLeavesGemliShrubComplete the External Sonata Achievement
GemliPolterFaceGemliPolterFace Complete the Alibert Odyssey Achievement
GemliBeagleGemliBeagleComplete the Master Mine Achievement
Black GemlinspecsBlack Gemlinspecs Complete the The Legend of Kelba: the Windmaker Achievement
GemliFlageGemliFlage Complete the Craft Star Achievement
SacriGemlinSacriGemlin Complete the Justice Cause Achievement
UnknownFace1GemliTypus Obtaned from Find 10 Platypus nests. Islands of Wakfu Achievments
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