Wakfu is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). It takes place in the fantasy universe created by Ankama Games. In the same spirit as that of its big brother DOFUS, Wakfu takes us into a magical and humorous universe. Whether you become a magus, a knight or a thief, you'll discover various and brand new character classes, a unique tactical fight system and strange bright colorful regions. Wakfu is intended for both beginner and experienced players. All of you will be able to become a master strategist or even one of the heroes of Wakfu as you succeed in your missions! Unique, customizable characters lead for a unique gameplay! Have fun in the NEW World of Twelve.

Story so far....

During the thousand years that followed the DOFUS adventure, the World of Twelve went through a real upheaval. The terrible Ogrest succeeded in the mission we all thought was impossible. He managed to gather all six Dofus. Unfortunately for him, he became prey to his own powers... Mad with rage and unable to control his destructive powers yet, Ogrest let his wrath beat down upon the World. Legends mention a cosmic battle between the gods and a unique enemy, an endless deluge and the advent of a titan. When players start the adventure, the World is largely submerged by water. Wide islands and many archipelagos float in a unique Ocean. But the story of Wakfu still has to be written! The World is awaiting for its heroes!

New Features

Multidirectional Scrolling in an Isometric 3D Universe. There is no limit to your exploration of the world! Characters travel, meet, interact on a vast unique map on your screen.

Turn-based Tactical Fight System. Wakfu's fighting system will give a new dimension to your sense of strategy mixing the turn-based aspect and action in each battle.

Considerable Interaction with the Environment and the Community. The evolution of the World depends on the players and their actions. For instance, you can be elected governor and start a political career; or as a lumberjack, you'll have to cut wood with moderation to prevent forests from disappearing... Each of your actions will have a direct impact on the game!

Persistent World with an Autonomous Ecosystem. Monsters have their own AI, they move throughout the World, migrate, feed themselves... They live their own life among the 25,000 players who are simultaneously evolving on Wakfu !

Highly Customizable Characters Clothes, underwear, weapons, skin, hair, etc. Everything on your character can be customized to your own taste!!!


Wakfu is compatible with Windows®, Mac® and Linux. Specific system requirements are currently unknown, and the beta-test is expected to partly answer that question, since recruitment was based on system specifications. According to developers, we can expect something quite a bit heavier than DOFUS required, though they said the requirements will be fairly reasonable compared to most other MMORPGs.