Spell Xelor FrostbiteFrostbite

Class: Xelor
Unlock level: 0
Type: Attack

Element WaterMedium
3Action point

1 - 3Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Xelor uses his magic to freeze time for an enemy, inijuring it as well as potentially removing 1 AP!"


  • -3(61) HP Element WaterSmall
  • 50%(90%) chance: -1 APAction point (1 turn)


  • -4(92) HP Element WaterSmall
  • 75%(135%) chance: -1 APAction point (1 turn)

Spell Information

Damage, and AP removal

Spell Progression

Effect Damage317324661
Critical Damage426487092


Frostbite has previously appeared in Dofus.


  • Frostbite is a type of critical health condition in which the the part of the skin and other tissues due to freezing or critical cooling(after hypothermia). Frostbite always occurs at the end part of human's limb, generally fingers and from time to time, the heels. Frostbite has three degree condition, the higher the degree, the higher risk it will bring to the 'frostbiten' person and surgery is compulsory. If not treated, it is possible for the flesh to fall off like a scab.

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