Frauguctor Almanax Quests are only available on a given day.

Completing a quest will give the player an Almoken which can be used at an Almanax Machine.

1 Frauguctor - Jycedus

They may sting to begin with, but Nettle Leaves are very good for your health. They really got your blood pumping, something Sacriers appreciate no end.

Bring 5 Nettle Leafs to the Temple of Scriptures

2 Frauguctor - Po

They say what when one door closes, another opens. With a a Skeletion Key, they can all be open, all the time!

Bring 1 Skeleton Key to the Temple of Scriptures

3 Frauguctor - Puliblak

Have you heard of Xav the Baker? He's goodness incarnate, that one, and what's more, his bread is out of this world! Try a loaf, and make sure you bring us one back as well, please!

Bring 1 Xav the Baker's Bread to the Temple of Scriptures

4 Frauguctor - Ansha

If you squeeze this Lava Eye too much, you might end up with a squirt of lava in your eyes. Not a particularly pleasent sensation....

Bring 2 Lava Eyes to the Temple of Scriptures

5 Frauguctor - Meda

If you've got time to kill while Master Bossowl sorts through your paperwork, why don't you make yourself comfortable on a few Fuzzy Fern Leaves? Just make sure you don't fall asleep, you'll only have to come back again tomorrow...

Bring 5 Fuzzy Fern Leaf to the Temple of Scriptures

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