Brakmar Root Beer

Brakmar Root Beer

Food are consumable items, usually crafted by the Chef Profession. Their predominant effect is that they provide temporary bonuses in Combat.

Most food has it's duration of their effect measured in real-time minutes, which is ticked down during turns in combat. Some only work for 1 battle, and a rare few last a certain amount of turns in battle.


There are many different types of food buffs, but each one falls under a category based on its bonuses and the icon that represents the buff. You can only have one of each type of food buff active at one time. (i.e. You can not have fire and water damage buffs active at the same time, but you can have fire damage food and block food active at the same time.)

Blue Food Buff 15 Minutes
Green Food Buff
Red Food Buff
Gold Food Buff
Other Food Buff 1 Fight


  • Food can be used by double-clicking on the item while it is in your inventory, or via the quickslots.
  • Food can only be used outside of combat.

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