Spell Panda FlamingBurpFlaming Burp

Class: Pandawa
Unlock level: 0
Type: Attack

Element FireMedium
3 Action point

1 - 2Range Icon

AoE:2-Cell line
"The Pandawa blows a putrid burp towards his enemies and causes pretty effective Fire-type damage! What's more, if the target is Dizzy, the Pandawa increases his chances of a Critical Hit."


  • -3(35) HP Element FireSmall
  • If target is Dizzy:
    • caster get +1% CH for every 3 lvl. Dizzy


  • -5(60) HP Element FireSmall
  • If target is Dizzy:
    • caster get +1% CH for every 3 lvl. Dizzy

Spell Information

A melee attack with short line AoE that cannot be increased with Range. This skill cast a 2 cell linear attack (it shows like 3 but is only 2) and the range the spell can be cast is 2 (Linear). If you the same spell in the next turn both CH Bonus will stack but will not work like Dizzy. One Critical hit effect will last 2 turns.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage311192735
Critical Damage518324660

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