Foggernaut Spell Flame ThrowerFlame Thrower

Class: Foggernaut
Unlock level: 2
Type: Damage

Element FireMedium
6Action point

1Range Icon

AoE:3-Cell Cone
"A powerful, flaming blow which will barbecue whatever's in front of you and leave a sizzling Brushfire behind."


  • Deal 6(71) Damage Element FireSmall
  • If cast on an empty cell:
    • Place a Brushfire:
      • Deal 3(35) Damage Element FireSmall when stepped on


  • Deal 9(106) Damage Element FireSmall
  • If cast on an empty cell:
    • Place a Brushfire:
      • Deal 4(53) Damage Element FireSmall when stepped on

Spell Information

An expensive and powerful spell affecting a huge area. If the cell exactly in front of the caster is empty, there will be a Brushfire created.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage622385471
Brushfire Damage311192735
Critical Damage9335781106
Brushfire Damage416284053

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