Fecas have always been Protectors. This is one class that hasn't changed in the time it took to go from Dofus to Wakfu - don't expect them to give up whatever treasure they're guarding too easily! And whatever you do, don't mistreat any Gobballs when they're about... they simply can't stand to see their furry friends disturbed in any way, and that goes for all animals. Fecas may not be shepherds any more, but it’s still in their nature to stand guard over any vulnerable creature targeted by a vicious attacker… Feca have human appearance with blue hair.

After all, having possession of some of the most precious objects in the World of Twelve is bound to change anyone. They have elevated their magic to the grace of an art, but it is as precise as a science and their shields are like a fifth limb - in fact, many people say that their shields have lives of their own. It's a good example of the admiration Fecas bring out in people, and a good example of the idiotic myths that still exists in the World of Twelve.

Gameplay Book

The class handbook shows us the basic information regarding the class such as information on glyph or armor, water elemental spells, fire elemental spells, earth elemental spells and an extended explanation of glyphs and armors.

Feca Book1
Feca Book2

Class Spells

The class spells available to members of the Feca class are:

Element Level Icon Spell Name Cost Direct effect Glyph/Armor/Effects
Element FireLarge
0 Feca Spell Natural Attack Natural Attack 3Action point Damage Element FireSmall

Natural Attack
-3%(15%)Block Icon Enemy
-3%(15%)Critical hit Icon Enemy

Caster Flaming 3(69)

2 Feca Spell Flaming Carpet Flaming Carpet 4Action point Damage Element FireSmall, no LoS Flaming Carpet
Damage Element FireSmall on turn start
10 Feca Spell Fecastopheles Fecastopheles 5Action point1Movement point Damage Element FireSmall, Modifyable range, straight line, Diagonal


4 Feca Spell Volcano Magma

2Action point
1Movement point

Magmatic armor

Icon Enemy - Resistance on end of turn
Icon Enemy - Attracts by 2 cells

7 Feca Spell Meteorite Shower Meteorite Shower 2Action point Damage Element FireSmall
+% Final damage
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Direct effect Glyph/Armor
Element WaterLarge
0 Feca Spell Drip Drip 2Action point Damage Element WaterSmall
7 Feca Spell Avalanche Avalanche 3Action point Damage Element WaterSmall

Avalanche Glyph

DamageElement WaterSmall
Removes Action point

2 Feca Spell Steam Steam 3Action point Damage Element WaterSmall Attracts 2 cells

If Feca have Bubble Armor becomes Pushes back 2 cells

4 Feca Spell Bubble Bubble 3Action point
1Movement point
Damage Element WaterSmall, no LoS

Bubble Armor
Icon Ally + Range
Can no longer be locked
Can no longer blocks line of sight

10 Feca Spell Crashing Wave Crashing Wave

6Action point

1Wakfu point

Damage Element WaterSmall
Increase Area damage received by X%
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Direct effect Glyph/Armor
Element EarthLarge
2 Feca Spell Fecabo Fecabo 2Action point Damage Element EarthSmall
Feca Shield


0 Feca Spell Fecablades Fecablades 3Action point Damage Element EarthSmall
Feca Shield
Removes Movement point
4 Feca Spell Fecammer Fecammer 5Action point Damage Element EarthSmall, cast in line
7 Feca Spell Defensive Orb Defensive Orb 4Action point Damage Element EarthSmall
Feca Shield
Orb Armor
Armor with X HP
10 Feca Spell Feca Staff Feca Staff 4Action point Damage Element EarthSmall
Feca Shield
Decrease damage dealt by X%
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element SupportLarge
1 Feca Spell Glyph or Armor Glyph or Armor 2Action point
Puts a Neutral Armor on the target or a Neutral Glyph on and empty square, either of which can be activated by an elementary spell. Can destroy an active Glyph or Armor, in which case the cost is reimbursed.
Feca Spell Plate Protection Untouchable Passive The Feca gets a Block bonus. The bonus is increased for each ally present at the start of combat.
3 Feca Spell Peace Armor Perfect Armor 5(3)Action point
2(1)Wakfu point
Renders the bearer invulnerable to damage during the current turn, makes them unable to Lock and prevents them from blocking lines of sight. Only 1 Perfect Armor or Transcendence can be active at a time among a given team.
Feca Spell Feca Master Feca Master Passive As well as giving the Feca Control, this passive increases his Firedamage. At the beginning of each turn, the Feca will be granted a Lock bonus based on the number of AP he has.
4 Feca Spell Teleportation Teleportation Flux 3Action point1Wakfu point Cast on an empty cell, the Feca teleports with the target in front of them. Cast on the Feca, the spell allows the movement of glyphs using certain elemental spells. The Feca cannot teleport alone.
Feca Spell Counter Refection Passive A part of the Feca's Lock is converted into Resistance bonuses.
5 Feca Spell Explosive Deglyphment Provocation 6(3)Action point Cast on a monster, the Feca becomes a priority target for it. Cast on a player, his damage is reduced against all targets except the Feca.
Feca Spell Ironclad Ironclad Passive Thanks to this passive, the Feca gains resistances and the range of his Water spells is increased.
6 Feca Spell Pacification Inversion 1Wakfu point Thanks to Inversion, the Feca can sacrifice a part of their resistances to increase their or an ally's damage. The effect is permanent until the reactivation of this spell. The cost is reimbursed if Inversion is already activated.
Feca Spell Intimidation Aura Stabilisation Aura Passive As well as increasing their Lock, this passive allows the Feca to apply Bound to their enemies who start their turn on the cell in front of the Feca. Bound applies the Stabilized state to the target.

Other features

  • Archetype: Scientists, Shields.
  • Unique features: Glyphs and Armors
  • Strike power: Good when attacking directly. Great when attacking in tandem with well placed Glyphs.
  • Flexibility: Good. All Spell effects vary when using on Glyphs or Armor, or simple direct usage.
  • Team play: Good. Can apply enhancing effects to an individual or over a whole glyph.
  • Combat position: Front-line Support. Their mix of effects means they can target both allies and foes.
  • Good targets: Stationary opponents
  • Bad Target: Mobile opponents

Spell-branch features

  • Earth: Tanking branch. Spells give a HP shield to the Feca through Feca Shield.
  • Fire: Damage branch. Direct damage glyphs and penalising armors.
  • Water: Support branch. Can shield and buff allies.
  • Support: Armor and Glyphs, Resistance manipulation.


The Feca class of Wakfu originated from the first Ankama title, Dofus, in which they focused on buffing allies with resistances and used glyphs to do damage.

Preview spells

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations, if not being dropped all together.

Icon Name Element Short description
Preview Truce Truce Support This spell sets the Pacifism state onto the target preventing it from attacking
Preview SilenceGlyph Silence Glyph Support This spell sets the Divine Silence onto the target, preventing it from using Faith Points
Preview BlindingGlyph Blinding Glyph Support This spell sets the Blind state onto the target. It can also make the target lose APs on a critical hit.
Preview CloudyAttack Cloudy Attack Fire This spell enables Fecas to make a powerful lightning fall on an enemy.


  • The Feca class's full name is "Feca's Shield"
  • Feca is an anagram of "café" which is French for coffee. It is said Feca was one of the first three classes released for Dofus and the creators named the classes after their favourite snacks. Though it was thought, during the Dofus beta, that possibly it was named for the long fights which would ensue with this class, and that you would need many, many cups of coffee to stay awake while the combat lasted.

Image Gallery

Feca pose

In-game models

Feca DofusMale

Original Feca class from Dofus.

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