Profession Farmer

This profession gathers crops. As your farmer level improves, you are able to cut more and more different types of crops.

Farmer Book

Professions Book

Farmers' Treatise
By Shika Ingalsse

Farmer is a harvesting job which mostly concerns crops. ALL crops. My husband only likes wheat, but know that there are many others in our World.
The rest of us farmers also have the chance to pick fruits from certain trees, but we won't be able to grow them ourselves.

When a resource reaches maturity, you can collect its seeds or fruit. The resource is not destroyed, but it will regress. If you leave it alone, new seeds or fruits will grow from it.

You can plant the seeds you get from a resource to grow more of it. You have to be careful though, because not all seeds are suitable for all soils. As far as the farming profession is concerned, you can't go far wrong if you head for the fields: all sorts of grains seem to like it there!

As well as harvesting, there is another thing you can do with crop families. You can cut them to get the plant itself. Be careful though, cutting a resource is an irreversible action and once you've done it, the plant is destroyed and won't grow back unless you plant them again!

When cutting a resource, you'll see a purple-ish aura growing on you, that's because whenever you cutt a resource you gain Stasis (and therefore, you lose Wakfu). On the other hand, when planting a resource, you'll see a light-blue aura growing on you, wich means you're gaining Wakfu (and loosing Stasis). Not only you need to be careful with the amount of Stasis/Wakfu you want to play with, but also you need to watch over the Ecosystem. Astrub is a neutral Nation, so nothing aside of the lost of area-bonuses is going to happen if you ruin the Ecosystem. But, beware! Outside of Astrub, you'll have to respect each Nations Ecosystems, or else you could end up in prission!

If you go to a millstone you'll be able to grind your grains into flour. Then bakers from all over Amakna will snatch it out of your hands. I'd advise you to get a few good business relationships going, if you don't want to end up ground to a pulp yourself!

You can also use the crafting resoult yourself, if you're interested in the Baker or Chef professions.


Farmers use Millstones in their crafting.


Level Crop Harvest
0 Wheat (plant) Wheat Golden Wheat Grain1 Golden Wheat Grain
Wheat Straw Wheat Straw
Seed WheatSeed Wheat Grain
5 Artichoke (plant) Artichoke Amakna truffle Amakna Truffle
Artichoke Root Artichoke Root
Artichoke Seed Artichoke Seed
10 Tuberbulb (plant) Tuberbulb Stingy Bulb Stingy Bulb
Tuberbulb Tuberbulb
Tuberbulb Seed Tuberbulb Seed
15 Barley (plant) Barley Almond Straw Almond Straw
Barley Straw Barley Straw
Grain of Barley Grain of Barley
20 Cawwot Plant (plant) Cawwot Plant Magic Cawwot Magic Cawwot
Cawwot Cawwot
Cawwot Seed Cawwot Seed
25 Babbage Plant (plant) Babbage Chillberg Island Babbage Chillberg Island Babbage
Babbage Babbage
Babbage Seed Babbage Seed
30 Oats (plant) Oats Spectacular Oats Spectacular Oats
Oat Straw Oat Straw
Oat Grain Oat Grain
35 Melon (plant) Melon Honey Melon Honey Melon
Melon Melon
Melon Seed Melon Seed
40 Rye (plant) Rye Why Rye Why Rye
Rye Fiber Rye Fiber
Rye Grain Rye Grain
45 Mottled Mushroom (plant) Mottled Mushroom Not Mushroom Not Mushroom
Mottled Mushroom Mottled Mushroom
Mottled Mushroom Seed Mottled Mushroom Seed
50 Vanilla Rice Vanilla Rice Lenald Rice Lenald Rice
Vanilla Rice Vanilla Rice
Grain of Vanilla Rice Grain of Vanilla Rice
55 Golden Makoffe (plant) Golden Makoffee Pure Arabraca Pure Arabraca
Golden Makafe Golden Makafe
Makoffee Seed Makoffee Seed
60 Watermelon (plant) Watermelon Abundant Watermelon Abundant Watermelon
Watermelon Watermelon
Watermelon Seed Watermelon Seed
65 Corn (plant) Corn Sweetcorn Sweetcorn
Corn Corn
Corn Seed Corn Seed
70 Beans (plant) Beans Bean-yo Bean-yo
Beans Beans
Bean Seed Bean Seed
75 Desert Truffle (plant) Desert Truffle Flavored Truffle Flavored Truffle
Desert Truffle Desert Truffle
Desert Truffle Seed Desert Truffle Seed
80 Mushray (plant) Mushray All Mushray All Mushray
Mushray Mushray
Mushray Seed Mushray Seed
85 Black Cawwot Plant (plant) Black Cawwot Plant Black Wadish Black Wadish
Black Cawwot Black Cawwot
Black Cawwot Seed Black Cawwot Seed
90 Jollyflower (plant) Jollyflower Jumbo Jollyflower Jumbo Jollyflower
Jollyflower Jollyflower
Jollyflower Seed Jollyflower Seed
95 Sunflower (plant) Sunflower Ancestral Sunflower Ancenstral Sunflower
Sunflower Sunflower
Sunflower Seed Sunflower Seed
100 Strawberry (plant) Strawberry Legendary Strawberry Legendary Strawberry
Strawberry Strawberry
Strawberry Seed Strawberry Seed
105 Pumpking (plant) Pumpkin Pumpkininin Pumpkininin
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Seed
110 Maniok (plant) Maniok Sweet Maniok Sweet Maniok
Bitter Maniok Bitter Maniok
Maniok Seed Maniok Seed
115 Palm Rod (plant) Palm Rod Golden Palm Golden Palm
Palm Palm
Palm Cane Seed Palm Cane Seed
120 Sweet Jute (plant) Jute Luminous Jute Luminous Jute
Jute Fiber Jute Fiber
Jute Seed Jute Seed
125 Chili (plant) Chili Chaos Chili Chaos Chili
Twisted Rump Chilli Twisted Rump Chilli
Chili Seed Chili Seed

Profession Recipes

Image Item Prof. Lvl Lvl Bonus Recipe
Api Juice Api Juice



Api Api x3
Basic Flour Basic Flour



Barley Straw Barley Straw x5
Tuberbulb Tuberbulb x5
Broocefore Scythe Broocefore Scythe



  • 20% Harvesting Quantity in Farmer

Imperfect Flour Imperfect Flour x7
Fragile Flour Fragile Flour x7
Mimik Slobber Mimik Slobber x3
Scythe Scythe x3
Coarse Flour Coarse Flour



Artichoke Artichoke x5
Wheat Straw Wheat Straw x5
Eternal Flour Eternal Flour



Twisted Rump Chilli Twisted Rump Chilli x5
Sweat Jute Fiber Sweat Jute Fiber x5
Exquisite Flour Exquisite Flour



Pumpkin Pumpkin x5
Strawberry Strawberry x5
Fragile Flour Fragile Flour



Melon Melon x5
Oat Straw Oat Straw x5
Imperfect Flour Imperfect Flour



Babbage Babbage x5
Cawwot Cawwot x5
Mystical Flour Mystical Flour



Palm Palm x5
Bitter Maniok Bitter Maniok x5
Popcorn Popcorn



Corn Corn x3
Precious Flour Precious Flour



Sunflower Sunflower x5
Jollyflower Jollyflower x5
Psilo Scythe Psilo Scythe



  • 30% Harvesting Quantity in Farmer

Broocefore Scythe Broocefore Scythe x3
Solid Flour Solid Flour x13
Raw Flour Raw Flour x13
Mimik Slobber Mimik Slobber x5
Raw Flour Raw Flour



Golden Makafe Golden Makafe x5
Vanilla Rice Vanilla Rice x5
Refined Flour Refined Flour



Black Cawwot Black Cawwot x5
Mushray Mushray x5
Rustic Flour Rustic Flour



Mottled Mushroom Mottled Mushroom x5
Rye Fiber Rye Fiber x5
Scythe Scythe



Basic Flour Basic Flour x10
Mimik Slobber Mimik Slobber x4
Solid Flour Solid Flour



Corn Corn x5
Watermelon Watermelon x5
Tube-Shaped Fiber Tube-Shaped Fiber



Ferocious Farmer (Lvl. 15) (15 minutes)

Barley Straw Barley Straw x10


Before patch 1.0 on March 28, 2012 Scythes were needed to harvest goods. Sometime before September 2014 Farming had to be learned from a Clan Member. |}

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