Famished Mimik

Famished Mimik


Famished Mimik is a special chest found only in certain low level dungeons. To use the chest a player must have 2 Mimikibbles in his inventory.

Location & Rewards

All chests reward one Mimik Slobber upon use and have a small chance of dropping a special item as it follows.


  • Each dungeon mentioned above contains only one chest in a fixed location.
  • The items have very low chances to be obtained, but Mimik Slobber is a guaranteed drop.
  • The same chest may be used multiple times in a row until a player runs out of Mimikibbles.
  • Access to the Bandit Dungeon chest requires the destruction of 7 rocks. 14 MegaBombs or 7 GigaBombs are required to destroy these 7 rocks.
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