Feca Spell Explosive DeglyphmentExplosive Deglyphment

Class: Feca
Unlock level: 5
Type: Support

Element NeutralSmall
6(3)Action point

1-2(7)No LoSRange Icon

AoE:1-Cell Cross
"The Feca's can remove one of his activated Glyphs, making it explode."


  • Deals 1(5) Damage per remaining Charge
  • Destroys the Glyph and returns 1 WP Wakfu point to the caster

Spell Information

Forcibly removes a Glyph dealing damage depending on its remaining Charges.

Spell Progression

AP Cost6 5 4 3
Max Range2 3 4 5 67
Damage per Charge1 2 3 45

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