Spell Eliotrope ExaltationExaltation

Class: Eliotrope
Unlock level: 3

Element NeutralSmall
1Action point

0Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Calm/Exalted mechanics is the Eliotrope's second main mechanic. This spell lets them change from Calm to Exalted and Vice-Versa."

1 use per turn


Spell Information

Can be used only on youreself.

When used Eliotrope becomes Exalted or Calm.

When Eliotrope Exalted his damage increases to 10% and the most of spells will cost additional +1 Wakfu point. In Exalted state Wakfu Points regeneration for turn stop and Eliotrope gets -50 Elemental Resistance debuff.

Spell Progression

Eliotrope Elemental Spells:
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Active Support Spells:
Spell Eliotrope IncandescenceSpell Eliotrope PortalSpell Eliotrope PreventionSpell Eliotrope TimeBreach

Passive Support Spells:
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