Enutrof is a god of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to his followers. He is the God of Fortune, gold and wealth. He and his disciples serve Black Magic and he was among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten.

His name backwards spells "Fortune."

Titles: The Lord of the Spoils; The Flamboyant Golden Dragon; The Miser; The Stone Whisperer.
Divine attributes and symbols: Gold; The Bag and the Pick.

"A huge, divine dragon, his body is a mixture of molten magma and melted gold, and he can change anything he wants into shiny gold. That's where his disciples' insatiable desire for gold and treasure comes from. Being an avid treasure hunter, he travels all over the vast Universe and its numerous worlds, looking for rare and precious substances. He understands the souls of Dragons well, since he's related to them."


Enutrof is one of the 10 first God's of the universe. His the God of wealth, born with the golden touch. It is unknown what he did before the founding of the world of twelve. But when the world was made he decided to join with the other God's in its establishment. He filled the planet with minerals and gold and then created the Enutrof race.

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