The Enurado Machine is a Token Machine that used to be found at the entrance to the Enurado Dungeon.

This machine uses Tokens from the Enurado Dungeon.

Token Exchange

Linked Golden Keychain Fragment1 Golden Keychain Fragment
3 Enuraken2 Hardcore Enuraken
15 Enuraken 10 Hardcore Enurken
Linked Golden Keychain Fragment14 Enuraken
The Overdrawn71 Enuraken
Enurado Chest Plate71 Enuraken
Enurado Shoulder Pads71 Enuraken
Enurado Belt71 Enuraken
Withdrawal Hand71 Enuraken
String Hold71 Enuraken
Cledus'Tight76 Enuraken
Cledus'Covered82 Enuraken
Onist Amulet82 Enuraken
Expire Ring82 Enuraken
The Shovelone182 Hardcore Enuraken
Beltinterest187 Hardcore Enuraken
Enurado Amulet283 Enuraken
The Shock Absorber291 Enuraken
Onist Cloak304 Enuraken
Accounts Key325 Enuraken
Golden Belt325 Enuraken
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