Goddess eniripsa

The goddess eniripsa

Eniripsa are humanoid with tan skin, pointed ears and white or dark hair. Eniripsas have long been renowned for their incredible healing powers. A single word whispered through kindly teeth is enough to double the lifespan of a companion, and no matter what ailments their allies are suffering from, they always know the magic word to make things better. As for enemies, suffice it to say that they’d better not get on the wrong side of an Eniripsa’s sharp tongue…

Their knowledge of language is unmatched, and it is even said they speak many tongues forgotten by all other races...

Gameplay Book

Eni book 1 Eni book 2

Class spells

The class spells available to members of the Eniripsa class are:

ElementLevelIconSpell NameCostNaturalUnnatural
Element WaterLarge
0 Spell Eni HealingWord Healing Word 3Action point Heals, Icon CasterIcon Ally:+1 Range Damage
5 Spell Eni WordOfInvigoration Invigorating Word 4Action point Heals Icon Caster and Icon Ally Damages and steals 50-100% of the damage as HP
11 Spell Eni RevitalizingWord Revitalizing Word 3Action point 1 Cell Cross AoE
: Heals
1 Cell Cross AoE: Icon Enemy: Damages, Icon Ally: +Final Damage%
17 Spell Eni RenewingWord Renewing Word 2Action point Heals Damage
23 Spell Eni WordOfRecovery Fortifying Word 5Action point
1Wakfu point
Heals, increased healing based on target's HP% Damage
LevelIconSpell NameCostNaturalUnnatural
Element AirLarge
0Spell Eni FearFlaskFear Flask1Action point Pushes 1 cell with collision damage, Icon Caster: Propagator+10
7Spell Eni PsykoFlaskPsykosis Flask3Action point1 Cell Cross AoE
: Damage, Propagator+30
1 Cell Cross AoE: Psykosis10(20), Icon Caster: Propagator-80
13Spell Eni PainFlaskPain Flask2Action pointIcon Enemy: Damage
Icon Caster: Propagator+20
Link of Pain, Icon Caster: Propagator-20
19Spell Eni InfectedFlaskInfected Flask5Action pointDamage, Icon Caster: Propagator+50Gangrene2(62), Icon Caster: Propagator-100
25Spell Eni LethargyFlaskLethargy Flask4Action point
1Wakfu point
1 Cell Cross AoE
: Damage, Icon Caster: Propagator+50
1 Cell Cross AoE: Lethargy2(4), Icon Caster: Propagator-120
LevelIconSpell NameCostNaturalUnnatural
Element FireLarge
0Spell Eni ItsadeMarkSadist Mark3Action point3 Cell Line
: Damage, Icon Enemy: Heals killer when marked
-10(30)% Resist to heals (2 turns), Icon Enemy: Sadist Mark4(121)
3Spell Eni EtingMarkTraid Mark4Action point1 Cell Cross AoE
: Damage, Icon Enemy: Gives WP to surrounding fighters when marked target is killed
Single Cell: Heals over 3 turns
9Spell Eni AmilMarkHammle Mark5Action pointDamage, Icon Enemy: Hammle Mark+1(10)Flaming+5(105)
15Spell Eni Refund MarkRefund Mark6Action pointDamage, Gives AP to killersHeals surrounding
fighters at end of turn marked target's turn
21Spell Eni Here MarkHere Mark2Action pointDamage, Icon Enemy: Here Mark4(100)Marked Target absorbs 20% of Eni's Healing
LevelIconSpell NameCost Description
Element SupportLarge
Support Actives
1Spell Eni CounterNatureUnnatural Remedies1Movement point Turns Water spells into damage spells, unlocks debuffs on air spells, changes effects of fire spells.
15Spell Eni SuperConeyConey2/5Action point Summons/upgrades a Coney
15Spell Eni RegenerationRegeneration3Action point Increases target's received healing.
45Spell Eni TranscendenceTranscendence2Action point
1Wakfu point
Immunity to Spells at the cost of AP
60Spell Eni EnirazerEniraser2Action point
1Wakfu point
LevelIcon Spell Name Description
Element SupportLarge
Support Passives
0Spell Eni Natural GraceNatural Grace Regain WP by consuming Propagator, Marking, Healing, and killing Marked targets. Also increases healing based on number of allies.
10/110Spell Eni ExpertHealerExpert Healer Increases Range while slightly reducing healing performed
20/120Spell Eni HygieneHygiene +Healing performed and received in Natural state, grants Hygiene (State) when using water spells in Unnatural state.
30/130Spell Eni ExplosiveMarkMassacuring Mark Explosion that heals allies and damages enemies on marked enemies' death, increases healing and increases damage done to marked targets.
40/140Spell Eni Master PropagatorMaster Propagator Increases propagator gains and causes additional damage with propagator is consumed on targets.
50/150Spell Eni Mass AidMass Aid Grants AoE damage% bonus, increases the AoE of Revitalizing Word, and turns Infected Flask into an AoE spell.
60/160Spell Eni ConstitutionConstitution Grants additional HP to Eniripsa and allies based on level
70/170Spell Eni TransgressionTransgression Increases damage dealt and resistance, increases spell damage after self-healing, but also decreases healing performed.
80/180Spell Eni AbsorptionAbsorption Modifies healing performed based on HP%, regenerates a part of the damage after being hit.
90/190Spell Eni RegeneratorRegenerator Transforms Heals% into Dodge, gives holder of Regeneration state final damage and resist when hit.

Play style

  • Archetype: Healer
  • Unique features: Healing, Marks, states.
  • Strike power: Medium. Water is healing but can do damage if used with unnatural remedies. Fire's main benefit can help allies get AP, WP, heal, or cause additional/AoE damage. Air is the damage dealer type that can apply states.
  • Flexibility: Medium. Similar to Strike Power, their options are also versatile according to their element so they are also flexible.
  • Team Play: Good. Eniripsa's healing from water spells can keep an ally alive as well as benefit them by the marks of fire spells if applied on enemy and killed, while infection and unique states from air spells also make it good for debuffing their enemies to make enemies weaker.
  • Combat position: Protected. While they can heal themselves, it's not enough to survive sustained attacks. Allies are needed to really keep safe.
  • Good targets: Creatures that do not reach the Eniripsa easily and if the Eniripsa uses the strategies correctly.
  • Bad targets: Eniripsa is weak against high damage enemies in case not protected.

Spell-branch features

  • Air: Damage dealer element, builds the Eniripsa's Propagator state in order to apply unique states
  • Fire: Medium damage element, applies marks that can return AP, WP, or heal if the marked enemy was killed. Marks can also do addtional/AoE damage to enemies as well as help the Eniripsa heal multiple targets at once
  • Water: Healing element, applies Hygiene state on self, can do damage if used with Unnatural Remedies
  • Support: Supportive and helpful abilities


The Eniripsa class of Wakfu originated from the first Ankama title Dofus.

Preview spells

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations, if not being dropped all together.

IconNameElementShort description
Preview AltruisticWord Altruistic Word ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to sacrifice their lives to heal all of their allies
Preview RegeneratingWord Regenerating Word ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to set the Regeneration state onto an ally.
Preview Resurrection Resurrection ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to resurrect an ally character fallen in the fight by using all of their faith points.
Preview ScaryWord Scary Word ?? This spell enables Eniripsas to push away an enemy they think is too close.


  • The Eniripsa class's full name is "Eniripsa's Hands"
  • Players often shorten "Eniripsa" to "Eni" when referring to the class.
  • Reading Eniripsa backwards gives "Aspirine", relating to the class's healing abilities.

Image Gallery

Eniripsa Concept

Wakfu concept art for Eniripsa class

Eni pose

In-game model

Eniripsa DofusMale

Original Eniripsa class from Dofus.

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