Each player or creature's Turn will naturally end after 30 seconds, allowing the next creature in the turn indicator to start their turn.

A player or creature may manually end their Turn via the interface or by pressing the 'End' button on their keyboard. Ending the turn earlier will fill up the speed gauge faster, resulting in getting an earlier and better speed bonus. Some speed bonuses require that you finish your turns faster.

Forcing End Turn

It is possible to force someone else's turn to end through the use of various effects, and a number of spells will end the caster's turn as part of the spell's effects:

Spells that can make an enemy end their turn during their turn.

Class SpellEffect
EniripsaElement AirMediumPsykosis Flaskchance to Madness
Element AirMediumLethargy Flaskchance to Sleepy
IopElement EarthMediumRocknocerosDamage and chance to Stun
Element EarthMediumChargeDamage, Move Towards and chance to Stun
Element EarthMediumFlattenTeleport and chance to Stun

Spells that will end casters turn.

Class SpellEffect
EcaflipElement EarthMediumAll or NothingChance to refund AP or Ends Turn
IopElement NeutralSmallDefensive Stance Chance to avoid a melee attack, Ends Turn
Element NeutralSmallBravery Standard+Resist, Circle
: +Damage%, Ends Turn
Element EarthMediumFlattenTeleport and chance to Stun self
RogueElement EarthMediumPulsarConvert unused AP and MP into Damage, Ends turn
SadidaElement NeutralSmallTree (Spell)-20% HP, Turn into a Tree, Invulnerable, Icon Doll: Nettled, Ends Turn

States that end turns

StunEnds Turn
SleepyWhen afflicted it Ends Turn and can no longer lock. Last for one turn or until the afflicted is damaged.
MadnessWill attack it's own ally on turn or end turn if she/he/it does not have any.
Worn Out-% Damage Element Physical and AP depending on level of Worn Out, Stunned when Worn Out reaches level 100, which will happen if you stop drinking when Merry is at level 100, or when you take another drink and it goes past level 100.

Dodge Check

A player who fail a Dodge Check will have their turn ended.

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