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Equipment has sockets. You can use Shards to give effects to the sockets.


Circle Socket

This socket can have any effect of the other sockets.

Triangle Socket (blue)

Name Description Double bonus on
Air Resistance 2 Air Resistance per level Cloak, Breastplate
Elemental Mastery 1 Elemental Mastery per level Cloak, Breastplate
Healing Mastery 2 Healing Mastery per level Epaulettes, Amulet
Life 4 HP per level Right-handed weapon, Helmet
Lock 3 Lock per level Left hand, Right hand
Water Resistance 2 Water Resistance per level Epaulettes, Breastplate

Square Socket (red)

Name Description Double bonus on
Area Mastery 1 Area Mastery per level Belt, Amulet
Berserk Mastery 2 Berserk Mastery per level Cloak, Amulet
Distance Mastery 1 Distance Mastery per level Belt, Right-handed weapon
Earth Resistance 2 Earth Resistance per level Boots, Breastplate
Melee Mastery 1 Melee Mastery per level Cloak, Helmet
Single-Target Mastery 1 Single Target Mastery per level Helmet, Boots

Pentagon Socket (green)

Name Description Double bonus on
Critical Mastery 1 Critical Mastery per level Epaulettes, Right-handed weapon
Dodge 3 Dodge per level Left hand, Right hand
Fire Resistance 2 Fire Resistance per level Belt, Breastplate
Initiative 2 Initiative per level Cloak, Amulet
Rear Mastery 1 Rear Mastery per level Belt, Boots
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