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Emelka is a territory located in Amakna.

Clan Member

Alibert, teaches Chef Profession.


Trees Crops Wild Plants Minerals
Ash Tree Jute Funkus ?
Api Tree Tuberbulb Clover
Weeping Willow Watermelon Orchid
Palmito Vanilla Rice Plant Edleweiss
Cherry Tree Rye Volcanic Plant
Bramble (Tree) Barley Puffball
Corn Nettle
Sunflower Gorsegoyle
Chili Nostril Algae
Melon Cotton
Sweat Jute Dendron



Map Emelka

Map Icon Clan MemberClan MemberMap Icon CraftBread Oven Map Icon PhoenixPhoenix StatueMap Icon Drago-ExpressDrago-Express
Map Icon FishHook tableMap Icon CropGrindstone (Mill) Map Icon ZaapZaap

Location of Interest

  • Zaap -9, -29
  • Amakna Riktus dungeon: -15, -31 (go there by bridge at -15, -29


  • Mysterious Vault -15, -27 Emote- Sleep Standing Up
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