A great source of power and is an artifact sought after by many. It is suspected that it has sentience. It has also been seen to transform.

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The Eliacube is an object of great power and filled with a tremendous amount of Wakfu. The Eliacube was an artifact said to be created by the ingenious Eliatrope council member Chibi, who was accompanied by his dragon brother, Grougaloragran.
After the fall of the Eliatrope's world and the war of the Dragons and the Mechasms, the Eliacube fell to Earth and it was eventually discovered by Nox. Nox became obsessed with the complex cube and wanted to discover the secrets behind it.
His obsession eventually lead to the abandonment and eventually the death of his family members. This lead the already power-hungry Nox down a road of despair, mourning, and it fueled his quest in mastering the Eliacube, and he sought out large amounts of wakfu to fully power the cube in order to travel back in time.

Eliatrope Yugo accidentally brought him and Nox to one of the despairing Ogrest's first world damaging tantrums, he later activated it, which was a tragedy, since it only brought him back 20 minutes in time, rewinding his success.
When he saw his progress destroyed, he knew he would never see his family again.


The Eliacube said was made by one of the 7 Dofus, the revolutionary genius Chibi, and his equally intellegent dragon brother Grougaloragran(?). It was made inside the original Eliatrope world, where it was eventually lost when the Mechasms and the Dragons went to war... but many things suggest that it was Orgonax's heart, source: Eliatrope
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