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Elely is the daughter of Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove and Evangelyne and the sister of Flopin.


Elely is much like her father in many ways, she is brave, impatient, strong willed and has a great sense of honor. Even as a child she is very cunning. Like her father she protects those who are innocent and is quick to forgive and make friends. She can stand up to people who are much older than her and is not afraid to share her ideas.

Her sense of bravery is remarkable, as she and Rubilax fought for her parents safety, even thought this was her very first fight.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced strength, speed, and stamina: Elely is much stronger than her form suggests, due to her godly parentage, and being a Iop. In her first fight, she could keep up with the speeds of her opponent, a Pandawa demigod, and knocked him nearly unconscious, while suffering many hits herself.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While it is not shown on screen, Elely seems to have been trained by her father in hand to hand combat.

Intelligence: Elely, despite being a Iop, actually thinks out plans and tactics during battle. During her battle with Poo, she studied his running pattern, realising that he had to run a short distance before he could get to top speed, and used this to her advantage.

Godly Powers: Elely seems to have got some abilities of the Iop God, such as heightened strength, speed, durability, lifespans, and flight. Like Percedal and Goultard, her godly powers manifest as a orange aura, and her pupils may or may not disappear.



She and her brother are almost polar opposites, as Flopin has a very strong sense of responsibility in contrast to her impulsiveness. She sometimes calls him a big baby.


She is close with him calling him Uncle Ruel fondly, however Ruel can sometimes be a little rude and mock her.