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Elaine is a young human girl who is a pirate just like her adoptive kralove father, Black Ink. They both make their first appearance in "A Fistful of Kamas" when they helped the Brotherhood find a boat to sail to the Crimson Claws archipelago. At the end of Season 2, she and Black Ink sailed back home, with Cleophee along for the ride.


Elaine is young human girl around the age of twelve with dark tanned skin and amber eyes. She has long black hair that is often slicked back and often wears an aqua colored shirt with orange harem pants a red head wrap with a golden earring. She often goes barefoot, or wears straps around her feet that cover part of her soles, but leave most of her bare toes, soles and heels exposed which leaves her basically barefoot.


Elaine is a feisty and adventurous young girl with a love of the sea. She is very caring, empathetic, and curious. She is also quite responsible for her age, shown from when she takes good care of her father (whom she loves very much) and her ship. She is also fearless and fiery, as shown from when she was kidnapped but showed no fear in the prescience of her captors, instead scaring them by them up. This shows that she is independent and therefore can take of herself. However, she is not above faking courage, which was shown from when she and her father (and Ruel) hid during the battle against Rushu’s army, and later returned with fake injuries in order to hide her cowardice.