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Ecaflip is a god of the World of Twelve, as well as the name given to his followers. He is the God of luck and gambling. He and his disciples serve White Magic and he was among the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten.

His name backward spells "Pilface," an alteration of "pile ou face," meaning "heads or tails" in French.

Titles: The Gamemaster; The Big Tease; The Ace of the Dice; The King of Fortune.
Divine attributes and symbols: Playing Cards; Six-Sided Dice.

"Only confirmed gamblers can appear to the god Ecaflip. They are the only ones who will find mercy in the eyes of the god and who can receive his favours. As for the others, some clever kitties will be shown what their future holds, but you can bet that the god Ecaflip, always a bit mischievous, will send anyone he doesn't like to the beyond... but give them a chance to escape..."



Ecaflip was born when the universe was born by the dance of Great Eliatrope and Great Dragon. He was one of the first 10 soul's born into the universe, these soul's would known as the first God's. It unknown what he does from at time till the founding of the world of twelve (maybe he just wonders around the krosmoz). But when one of the God's created life on a planet Ecaflip went to join in the creation of the planet, this planet would be known as the world of twelve.

In the series (dofus)

The earliest event known that involves Ecaflip is in the late stages of the primitive era, at the Don of man. At this point in time there were still dinosaur's that (before humans) ruled the world of twelve. The most powerful and most evil of them all was the Hydra, a Gigantic, fire breathing monster. It terrorised both humans and dinosaur's alike it seemed invincible, until a mysterious ecaflip appeared with a powerful magic sword made from the nine tails of the Ecaflip God and slayed it. This mysterious ecaflip was reveled to be the God Ecaflip himself who save humanity. But for reasons unknown Ecaflip lost the powerful sword (maybe cause he gambled on it and lost)

One day Ecaflip was wondering the planet where he met a musician. The music of the musician was beautiful it fact it was so beautiful that Ecaflip was touched by it and blessed the musician with hair from his nine tails this made the musician the luckiest man in the world at his time. Ecaflip left and the man lived in fortune and comfort til he died.

Ecaflip than created a temple for orphan Ecaflip kid's to stay in. But as time passed Ecaflip grew bored, so he created the task of two mornings. It was a contest of wit and luck one must retrieve a certain object in two days time. One day an Ecaflip by the name Kerub fail the task and if you fail you must be punished. But Kerub tried to trick the God and fail but Ecaflip didn't punish him (maybe cause he knew Kerub was his son) instead became Ecaflip's favorite.


  • Ecaflip's overall design, especialy his bright smile and colours seem to draw inspiration from the Chessire Cat in Lewis Carrol's novel "The adventures of Alice in Wonderland", most specificaly the interpretation in Walt Disney's movie "Alice in Wonderland". this is further implied in the animation of his finisher in Wakfu in how he partialy appears before executing his move.

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