Spell Eca EcaflipsTarotEcaflip's Tarot

Class: Ecaflip
Unlock/Evolution level: 1
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"At the start of each turn, the Ecaflip draws a tarot card which grants him a bonus or a penalty. All in all, yet another way for him to dance with Fate..."

Level 1:

Spell Information

At the start of each turn, this grants a random bonus or penalty that lasts for that turn.

Spell Progression

Positive card040%41%41%42%42%43%43%44%44%45%45%46%46%47%47%48%48%49%49%50%
Neutral card020%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%
Negative card040%39%39%38%38%37%37%36%36%35%35%34%34%33%33%32%32%31%31%30%
Ecacard 1

The Croquette

Ecacard 2

The God Ouginak

Ecacard 3

Ecaflip's Crawlies

Hairy Hermit-

Hairy Hermit

Hairy Moon

Hairy Moon

Fickle Dice

Fickle Dice

The God Ouginak

Black Bow Meow

Ecacard 5

Wheel of Fortune

Ecacard 6


The God Ecaflip

The God Ecaflip

Possible Results

The results of the Tarot are based on two things, whether it is a positive card or a negative card, and if one of the "god" cards was drawn the turn before.

You can tell which card is positive due to the white border, while negative cards have a black border.

The effect of most positive cards will improve as you level the spell. The two god cards, Ecaflip and Ouginak, as well as providing their bonus for the current turn, will also improve, or worsen the card which is drawn in the following turn respectively.

For the following table, those considered positive cards are marked with a +, while those considered negative are marked with a -.

The Croquette all combatants: heal 1d20% of Max HPHeal allies onlyHeal foe only
The God Ouginak - -2 APHeals 25% max HP -2 AP
Ecaflip's Crawlies + Deal Damage: 11%(30%) HP Steal 50% Steal -80% attack damage, suffer 20% as self-harm
Hairy Hermit - -2 MP+3 MP, +50% resist -100% Resist, cannot move
Hairy Moon + summon a Kittikaze-20% max HP attack Summon attacks randomly
Fickle Dice All combatants: Randomised +Damage% up to +100%Ally onlyfoe only
Black Bow Meow - +30% Critical FailureFoe: +50% +60%
Wheel of Fortune + +31%(+50%) Critical Hits +80%foe: +50%
Meowtyrdom - suffer -2% HP of Max HP per foeall Foe: lose -2% Max HP as damage -15% Max HP and -2% Max HP per foe
The God Ecaflip + +2 AP Lose 25% Max HP


Kittikaze is essentially a one-shot suicide summon. It is directly controllable by the Ecaflip (unless Ouginak was drawn the turn before). It will not appear if you do not have spare Command.

At level 1, Kittikaze has 1 HP, 3 AP, 5 MP, 4 WP, 1 ini, 0 dodge & lock, 0% resist.

It has 1 spell, "Kittikaze", which costs 3 AP, with range 1-3 (with Line of Sight), and deals 1d2 (100d2) non-reducible damage, as well as destroying the summon. This effect increases to 2 (200) non-reducible damage if the Ecaflip god card was drawn the turn before.

The summon itself will stay alive until it is killed by damage, or uses its spell. It will not die just from the Tarot effect being refreshed.

Spell Progression

Crawlies +Steal%01112131415161718192021222324252627282930
Wheel +CH%03132333435363738394041424344454647484950
Kittikaze damage%05667788991010111112121313141415


  • This spell, as with most passive spells, needs to be levelled to at least level 1 before it does anything.
  • The bonus from Ecaflip's Tarot refreshes each turn. For example, multiple turns with bonus AP, will not provide an accumulative AP bonus but a fixed "increase" that lasts all those turns.
  • If the card drawn produces a bonus on multiple creatures, it lasts one turn.
    • e.g. if any enemy is given a +damage% from Fickle Dice, then they will benefit from it during their next turn.

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