Deus ecaflip

O deus ecaflip

Eles são humanóides de pele escura com o nariz e as orelhas semi-animalescos. Eles têm uma cauda particular. Quando você é um deus, até mesmo o lançamento de um dado é previsível! Mas para os meros mortais que circulam como mesas de blackjack do mundo material com fome, não existe essa sorte. E aqui, os Ecaflips que dominam bandidos, ladrões e traficantes de ouro, jogando com a supremabilidade e imprudência.

They are used to gambling on chance. In battle, you'll never know if the next blow coming from the enemy with the catty head will knock your socks off or leave you untouched... they collect game cards and have made fearsome weapons out of them, leaving the swords of the past to other fighters. They might even read your future in these cards... but if they're lucky, you might not want to know what it is!

Ecaflips are compulsive warrior-gamblers who jump headlong into risky situations just for the thrill of it! Oh, and contrary to what you might have heard, they don’t always land on their feet… Not that they care, as long as the adrenaline keeps pumping! So, ready to up the ante?

Class spells

The class spells available to members of the Ecaflip class are:

Element Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element FireLarge
0Ecaflip Spell CrapsCraps2Action pointDeals damage and rolls a dice

If target in line: Pushes back 1 cell.
+Lucky Day

3Ecaflip Spell Loaded DiceLoaded Dice3Action pointDeals damage and rolls a dice

Per 10 lvl. of Lucky Day -1MP
+Lucky Day

9Ecaflip Spell CrapsD-Six1Action point
1Movement point
Deals damage and rolls two dice at the same time;

Lucky Day
If a 6 is rolled: Extra damage

15Ecaflip Spell Dice RouletteDice Roulette6Action point
1Wakfu point
Deals damage and rolls a die;

Lucky Day
If Trance activated: Heals allies

21Ecaflip Spell Die AlrightDie Alright5Action point Rolls a dice that can bounce violently from one enemy to another.

Lucky Day

Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element WaterLarge
0Spell Eca Rough TongueRough Tongue3Action pointOn enemy: deals damage;

On ally: heals.

Up to Scratch
Up to Scratch4Action point
1Movement point
Leaps toward the targeted cell;

Deals damage to targeted cell and half of that damage to all the non targeted cells it passes throught.

Spell Eca Fleahopper
Fleahopper2Action pointDeals damage;

Heals the most injured ally in an area near the target;

Applies stacks of Fleahopper;

Hunter 1Action point
1Movement point
Places a trap;

If trap is triggered, the Ecaflip jumps on enemy, deals damage and ends his/her own turn.

23Spell Eca Flea LoveFlea Love6Action point
1Wakfu point
If cast on a target: Deals damage over several turns, then on final turn gives HP to the Ecaflip.

If cast on an empty cell: sets an area glyph that deals damage to enemies and heal allies.

Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element EarthLarge
0Spell Eca HeadsOrTailsHeads or Tails3Action pointDeals random damage and heals afterwards;
7Spell Eca All InAll InAllAction pointDamage based on AP used;

Per Spell AP (Max 10)
10% of removing to 4 AP max

13Ecaflip Spell BattleBattle4Action point
1Movement point
Has a 67% chance of dealing damage and 33% chance of healing;

If God Ecaflip card is drawn, steals 50% of the damage inflicted

19Spell Eca All Or NothingAll or Nothing2Action pointDeals damage;

Play Battle with the adversary:
-40 Resist on target (67%)
-40 Resist on caster (33%)

25Spell Eca Three CardsThree Cards4Action point
1Wakfu point
Deals damage

Deals damage and Removes Armor

Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element SupportLarge
1Spell Eca DoubleOrQuitsDouble or QuitsFree50% chance of doubling the last damage inflicted;

50% chance of haling the last damage inflicted.

Spell Eca EcaflipsTarotEcaflip's TarotPassive Draws a random card from the Tarot that gives positive, neutral or negative effects depending on the card.

If a positive card is drawn: +40% earth damage

3Spell Eca FelineLeapFeline Leap3Action point Teleports to destination cell and applies stacks of Feline Leap.
Ecaflip Spell Ecaflip DieEcaflip DiePassive Rolls a die at the start of each turn, and adds or removes Winning Streak depending on the rolled number.
4Spell Eca MeowtbreakBlack Bow Meow2Action point
1Wakfu point
Summons a Black Bow Meow.
Ecaflip Spell Ecaflip PrecisionEcaflip Precision PassiveChance to increase damage.
5Ecaflip Spell Roll AgainRoll Again1Wakfu pointRoll another Die or draw another Tarot card;

Chance to regain Wakfu Point.

Increase damage of the Ecaflip.

Spell Eca FlealineArmyFlealine ArmyPassive Increases Heals

Plus levels of Flea Multiplication or each injury caused by Fleas

6Spell Eca CatTreeCat Tree2Wakfu point Summons a Cat Tree;

Chance to be teleported to a cell next to the Cat Tree every time the Ecaflip suffers an attack;

Invulnerable until the end of the turn if landed on the Cat Tree itself.

Spell Eca PawsOffPaws OffPassive Chance to push back and face an approaching enemy;

Gives Critical Failure Aura.

Other features

  • Archetype: Gambler, Cats.
  • Unique features: Critical Hit manipulation, Fleas that steals HP, Random effects.
  • Strike power: Weak for Water. Earth is random, so isn't specifically weak or strong. Fire ranges from Good to Very Good, depending on Winning Streak.
  • Flexibility: Good. Movement and random bonuses can help out in many situations.
  • Team play: Good. Critical Hits, and random bonuses for the group.
  • Combat position: Flanking positions. Their range and movement means they can't stray too far from the enemies, but can avoid melee combat.
  • Good targets: Slow melee opponents
  • Bad Target: Long ranged attackers.

Spell-branch features

  • Fire: Winning Streak, improve Critical Hit rate
  • Earth: Ecaflip card based effects and randomized damage
  • Water: A Self-heal, and Damage
  • Support: States and Risks


The Ecaflip class of Wakfu originated from the first Ankama title Dofus, in which they were a Risk taking character that utilising a number of cat- and gambler-themed skills.

Preview spells

Ankama previewed a small selection of spells during the initial design period of Wakfu. Though examples of the desired shape of the class, most of these spells didn't make it through to the current version without some alterations, if not being dropped all together.

Icon Name Element Short description
Preview Gambit Gambit  ?? This spell enables Ecaflip to give up some of their faith points to get a random MP, AP or HP bonus
Preview Reflexes Reflexes  ?? This spell enables Ecaflip to get a Dodging Bonus
Preview MadCat Mad Cat  ?? This spell enables Ecaflip to cast a Huge Mad Cat in the middle of the map which randomly hits some of the players that are part of the fight
Preview DetectionGlyph Detection Glyph  ?? This spell enables Ecaflip to put a glyph on the ground that will enable them to see all invisible characters in the glyph's area of effect


  • The Ecaflip class's full name is "Ecaflip's Coin"
  • Players often shorten "Ecaflip" to "Eca" when referring to the class.
  • Reading ecaflip backwards gives "pilface". Add an "E" in between pil and face and you get pile face. This comes from the French expression "Pile ou face", which is their version of heads or tails.

Image Gallery

Eca pose

In-game ecaflip model

Ecaflip Concept

Concept art for Ecaflip class in Wakfu.

Ecaflip DofusFemale

Original Ecaflip class image.

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