Spell Enu DrhellzerkerDrhellzerker

Class: Enutrof
Unlock level: 3
Type: Transform

Element NeutralSmall
5(0) Action point

0-1(0-5)Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"Ever feel like freeing the beast within? The Enutrof can, by fusing with his Drheller, turning his AP into MP. He has to inflict damage constantly to retain this shape!"


  • Fuses with the Drheller
  • Becomes a Drhellzerker
  • Lose 2 Range on Spells

Spell Information

Merges with your Drheller. You are limited to the Enutrof Earth and Support spells only, and must deal damage every turn to avoid reverting to normal.

Spell Progression

AP Cost5443322110


  • This spell effectively make MP and AP interchangeable for the purpose of casting costs and movement. It is now possible to move further than normal due to your AP being added to your MP.
  • Earth spells get a cost in MP, which enables you to use them. However the Fire and Water spells still cost AP, as does Mass Clumsiness, so you can no longer use those since you have no AP.
  • Although walking in Drhellzerker state gives you the Furzerker state, thus extra damage, don't walk too far. The maximum level is 10, which translates in 150% maximum damage.
  • Spell no longer heals on Transformation and no longer costs Wakfu points

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