Spell Dreller Dreller ClawsDrheller Claws

Class: Drheller
Unlock level: 0
Type: Attack

Element FireMedium
4 Action point

1-1Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"Fighting isn't the Drheller's forte, but he still wants a piece of the action sometimes!"


  • Deals 1(11) HP Element FireSmall
  • 15%(70%) Chance: -1 MP
  • 40%(100) Chance: Flaming

Spell Information

The Enutrofs summon, Drheller's only attack that has no critical and does small fire damage and has chances to lower MP and cause the Flaming state. The Dreller Claws ability is available with lv 5 or higher Combat Training (passive Enutrof ability). The flaming state and MP reduction (state named Bound in Combat Training) can be unlocked by increasing Combat Training's level.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage136811
-1 MP chance15%28%42%56%70%
Flaming chance40%55%70%85%100%
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