Dragodia de los Muertos Harness


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Dragodia de los Muertos Harness

"This Día de los Muertos-themed harness can be used to equip a Dragosteed."

Al Howin's threatening shadow is approaching and your loyal Petsmount is feeling its bones tremble. So instead of spending all your time on your outfit for Al Howin, don't forget about your trusty steed! And we have just the fix for you!

Fortunately, the best Drago-Steed and War Gobball caretakers of the World of Twelve have worked really hard to offer you the most sinister Al Howin inspired Petsmount makeover! And here is how you can get your hands on the

  • Dragodia de los Muertos Harness for Drago-Steed mountpets for 3.500 OG until November 11th at 10:45 PM UTC.


These pets or petsmounts can be customized with Dragodia de los Muertos Harness:

Image Name
Destruction Dragosteed Destruction Dragosteed


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