Spell Sadi DollDoll

Class: Sadida
Unlock level: 1
Type: Summon

Element NeutralSmall
5(2)Action point 1(0)Movement point 1Wakfu point

1-1(4)Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single cell

"This spell casts a Doll Seed. It's element will then depend on the first attack it receives."


Spell Information

Summons a Doll Seed, which must be activated by using an elemental spell on it before it will do anything.

Spell Progression

AP Cost6666554332
MP Cost11 0
WP Cost2 1
Max Range1112233344

Doll Seed Functionality

A Doll Seed is placed into combat with the Doll spell. In its starting state it is an inanimate summon which will do absolutely nothing other than occupy its current position.

In order to activate the Seed, and turn it into something more useful, one of the Sadida's spells must be cast on the seed. If any other spell or weapon, no matter the element, is casted on a doll seed it will become The Sacrificial Doll.

This summon has initial HP based on the caster's current HP.

Its resistance for the activating element is +1 per level. Resistance for the opposing element (fire:water, air:earth) is +½ per level, and +¾ per level for the remaining elements.

The Doll's AP, MP, and WP are fixed based on their type, as are the off stats which do not match the Doll's function.

- Doll Seed - 10000000000
ElementDoll createdFunctionHPAPMPWPIniDodgeLockElement AirSmallElement EarthSmallElement WaterSmallElement FireSmall
WaterThe GreedyAttacks17% of Sadida's34000000100% of Sadida's0
WaterInflatableHeals28% of Sadida's3200Lv. × 1.2000100% of Sadida's0
AirThe Lethargic-AP9% of Sadida's3300100% of Sadida's00000
AirThe Ultra-PowerfulAttacks17% of Sadida's64000060% of Sadida's000
EarthThe BlockLock/Pulls32% of Sadida's31000Lv. × 1.20000
EarthThe Madoll-MP9% of Sadida's3300000000
FireThe Sacrificial DollAttacks5% of Sadida's330000Lv.Lv.Lv.Lv.

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