If a creature is adjacent to an enemy and they attempt to move they must perform a Dodge Check.

This check compares the moving creature's Dodge with surrounding enemies' Lock. Based on the difference of lock and dodge the moving creature is penalized with AP/MP loss (without the build up of Hyperaction and Hypermovement) with a maximum of -4 AP and -4 MP.

The dodging penalty is based on how many enemies are surrounding you and which side each enemy has facing towards you.

In general, to dodge without any penalty against a single enemy you must have 1.95x their lock in dodge if they are facing you, 1.55x if you are facing their side, and 1.25x if their back is toward you.


For multiple lockers:
Total Lock = Highest Lock + (2nd Highest Lock/2) + (3rd Highest Lock/3)

X = (7/3)*(Total Lock - Dodge) / (Total Lock + Dodge)
Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4) if the front of at least one locker is facing the dodger
Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4-1) if the side of at least one locker is facing the dodger
Total Loss = (X + 1)*(4-2) if the back of all lockers are facing the dodger

MP loss = Total Loss/2 (rounded up)
AP loss = Total Loss/2 (rounded down)

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