State Dizzy


Lvl. 1-100
State Stack

The target is Dizzy and becomes wary of fire. What's more, all calcium goes to his head and increases his chance of losing control of the situation.

-1(100) Resist Element Physical

Dizzy is a State, with Stacking.


Dizzy is a state created exclusively by the Pandawa Class. This effects is Stacks (+ level) and effect ends if target does not gain any dizzy lv for 1 turn.

Spell Amount:
Element EarthSmallPandawhack+2 lvl.
Element EarthSmallBash Barrel+2 lvl.
Element EarthSmallLactic Acid+2 lvl.
Element EarthSmallBlisskrieg+2 lvl.
Element WaterSmallMilky Breath+2 lvl.
Element WaterSmallSplash of Milk+4 lvl.
Element WaterSmallBubble Trouble+3 lvl.
Element WaterSmallMilk Wave+6 lvls.
Element WaterSmallMilk Fountain+6 lvls.
Element NeutralSmallBamboozle+2 to 10 lvl.
Element NeutralSmallAggressive Barrel+0 to 10 lvl.


A number of spells gain benefits while the target is in the Dizzy state.

Element FireSmallFlaming Burbstar?+Critical Hit per 3 lvs
Element FireSmallLight My Fire+1% chance of Burning per lv
Element FireSmallDairy Springer+1% chance of Blindness per lv
Element FireSmallExplosive Flask+1% chance of Explosion per lv
Element FireSmallMilking It+1 Damage per 3 lvs
Element NeutralSmallMilky InstinctRedirect Damage to Barrel

The Following table shows Fire Skills Bonus per Dizzy level.

Skill Effect per Dizzy lvl.Stacking
Light My Fire+1Damage Element FireSmall+5lvl. BurningYes
Dairy Springer+1Damage Element FireSmall // Yes
Explosive Flask+1Damage Element FireSmall+5lvl. BlindnessNo
Milking It+1Damage Element FireSmall+5lvl. ScaldedYes

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