This article contains content that has been removed from the game as of patch 1.36 and is only kept for historical purposes.
Icon MissingDiversion

Class: Sram
Unlock level: 6
Type: Support

Element NeutralSmall
3(1) Action point

1-2(5)Range Icon

AoE:1-Cell Circle
"The Sram can chuck a pebble at a target, which might just make it turn around. Diversion will not reveal the Sram."


  • 40(60)% to turn the target's gaze.

Spell Information

This spell allows Srams to deflect their enemies' attention by throwing a stone the other way.

Spell Progression

AP cost3 2 1
Max Range2 3 4 5
%Chance to turn40424446485052545660


  • This spell causes all creatures within the AoE to look towards the cell that is initially targetted.
  • This spell ignores line of sight at the max rank.
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