Display Windows are a type of item that can be placed inside Haven Bags to sell things. They can be crafted by handymans.


Display Windows can be put in the Haven Bag, by double clicking the window from the inventory and placing it on the Haven Bag. Only three windows can be placed in each Merchant Haven-Gem.

Selling Items

You can click 'manage display' to put items on the window once you have it placed to put things out for sale. You may also use this as extra storage for your inventory. Some items will cost a storage tax to sell. The bigger the stack of items put of for sale the more the storage tax is. If it is a stack of one item it is possible to put it on sale for one or two kamas without being charged the storage tax, though the prices can vary depending on the taxes set by the governor in each territory. Items put on display for extra inventory storage and at 0 kama will have no storage tax, but can be bought by other players.

Display Windows available in the game

ImageDisplay WindowType of items it can holdCapacity
Small Kit Display WindowSmall Kit Display Window Any item 5
Equipment Display WindowEquipment Display Window Equipment 10
Resources Display WindowResources Display Window Resources 10
Miscellaneous Display WindowMiscellaneous Display Window Keys,Scrolls, etc. 10
Consumables Display WindowConsumables Display Window Bakeries and Food 10
Kit Display WindowKit Display Window Any item 10

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