Deep Sea Costume
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Deep Sea Costume

"Stay hydrated throughout the day! Guaranteed sea mutation!"

July 29th is devoted to Olileb, the Meridia of dehydration. Are you just going to resign yourself to drying up like a Puddly in the Ohwymi Desert? No! You're going to take advantage of an occasion that gives you the opportunity to win the Deep Sea Costume. A new animated costume, available for the first time!

Are you one of those that likes to sit on the side of the pool with your legs dangling in? Well you'll love this because this costume has the surprising – and precious, in this season – ability to make you drip water all down your legs! Just thinking thinking about it... mmmm... anyway! Note: it will not be linked to your account.


The Deep Sea Costume is free in packs of at least 13,000 Ogrines until Monday August 1st at 09:45 PM UTC.

After that it will be handed out to those who buy the Animated Mystery Box.

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