State De Darm

De Darm

Lvl. 1
This state doesn't stack

"Coming back to life is such a struggle... You're suffering from De Darm syndrome! Visit a craftsman to recover more quickly."

Duration: 4 minutes

  • -20% max HP
  • -50% Damage
  • -3 max Wakfu Points

De Darm is a state.

State Information

If a character that's level 15 and above loses a battle and chose to respawn to a saved Phoenix, they will be afflicted by the De Darm state.

Being revived by a KenKO will not apply this state.

De Darm will last until the duration ends or by using a Raid Boole.

State Progress

  • The timer will still tick during combat. If the duration ends during combat, the De Darm will be remove after the combat is finished. Logging out then logging in again will not remove De Darm and will only pause the timer.
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