Dathura is an unusual female Sadida and demigoddess daughter of the God Sadida. She shared a deep friendship with Ogrest (before his transformation into a monster) and was the object of his affections.

Seeking to impress her, Ogrest sought out the Six Primordial Dofus, of which Dathura had a keen interest in. Despite all the effort he went through to get the Dofus for her, Dathura was uninterested in Ogrest's love and more interested in the Dofus, which drove him into a rage and he threw her into an abyss. Regretting what he'd done led to Ogrest's Chaos.

Somehow, Dathura survived Ogrest's attempt on her life and in time would become a member of the Siblings, meant to replace her father, the God Sadida.


Dathura is one of the most prominent characters in the world of twelve. She came into existence when the Gods wanted to use the dofus of the primordial dragons to balance the young world. But dragons only make dofus when they fall in love (not to be confused with mating) so the God Sadida tasked himself with creating beings that would make this happen. And thus Dathura was born as the tenth of the Divine dolls of God Sadida and the most beautiful.

Dathura was tasked to the dragon Aguabrial the water dragon. She was one of the six of the ten doll's to succeed in creating a dofus, the dofus would be known as the Turquoise dofus. After that Dathura was called back to Sadida's dimension.


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