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When fighting in combat, players and monsters inflict Damage on each other. This damage reduces the HP of the target, and when enough has been done that creature is defeated. Healing can be used to regain some of that lost HP, and Resistance will reduce the initial Damage received.

Most damage is done as a specific elemental type. Bonuses and resistance to specific elements are handled individually though some equipment enhances all 4 elements equally, represented by this icon Element Physical.png.

Resistance can not reduce damage below base damage.

Secondary Damage Bonus

Damage can also be modified by different damage bonuses. These bonuses can come from various things such as equipment, food, spells, and buffs. The types of damage are as follows:

Critical Damage Critical Damage applies to damage done on Critical Hits
Berserk Damage Berserk Damage applies to damage done inflicted when the

attacker is under 50% max HP

Close-Combat Damage Close-Combat Damage applies to any damage inflicted to a

target two cells or closer from the caster.

Long-Range Damage Long-Ranged Damage applies to any damage inflicted

to a target three or more cells away from the caster.

Single Target Damage Single Target Damage increase the damage inflicted on

single targets by spells and weapons.

Area-of-effect Damage Area of Effect Damage increases the damage inflicted

on multiple targets by spells and weapons.

Heals Heals improves the effectiveness of healing spells
CMC Damage CMC Damage apples to the creatures and mechanisms

you control


Elemental Damage

Elemental damage is the amount a spell will hurt(or heal) a target before final damage. The elemental damage of a spell can be calculated with the following formula:

Elemental Damage = Base Damage * (Backstab Bonus) * (1 + [Elemental Damage Bonus + Secondary Damage Bonus]/100) * (1 - [Elemental Resistance/100])

Backstab Bonus' base is 1.25 for back and 1.10 for sides, but can be changed with Damage/Reistance from Behind bonuses. See Backstab for full formula.

Elemental Resistance

Although the elemental damage bonus of fighters is additive, elemental resistance is calculated differently. Resistance gained is added in flat numbers instead of percentage like damage. This flat number is then converted to a elemental resistance percentage and then displayed. Elemental resistance can be calculated with the following formula:

Elemental Resistance = 1 - 0.8^(Flat Resist/100)

  • Note: Elemental Resistance reduction from spells (debuffs) is maxed at -200

Final Damage

Final Damage is applied after all elemental modifiers have been calculated, it affects the final damage outcome. This modifier is applied to all damage regardless of element type. Final damage can be calculated with the following formula:

Final Damage = Elemental Damage * (1 + Final Damage Bonus/100)


  • A negative value of Resistance is often referred to as "Weakness"
  • "Resistance" is often shortened to "Resist"

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