Spell Panda DairySpringerDairy Springer

Class: Pandawa
Unlock level: 4
Type: Attack

Element FireMedium
4Action point 1Movement point

2-2Range Icon

AoE:1 cell ring
"The Pandawa jumps towards his target and hits out at the cells around him, blinding his enemies if they're already dizzy."



  • Caster: Teleport to target Cell
  • Deal 7(89) Damage Element FireSmall

Spell Information

This spell teleports the caster to the selected cell. After the Pandawa lands there he/she will deal damage to adjacent cells. If the target is Dizzy, this spell has a chance of blinding the target. This skill is not affected by range increases.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage518324660
Critical Damage728486989

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