Ecaflip Spell D-SixD-Six

Class: Ecaflip
Unlock level: 9
Type: Attack

Element FireMedium
4Action point

1 - 3Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Ecaflip rolls two dice because that's how they roll. On a roll of 6, damage is doubled!"


  • -3(73) to -4(110) HP Element FireSmall
  • CasterIcon Caster:
  • If a 6 is rolled: -3(73) to -4(110) HP Element FireSmall extra


  • -4(92) to -6(138) HP Element FireSmall
  • CasterIcon Caster:
    • Flaming5(125)
    • Lucky Day+6(10)
  • If a 6 is rolled: -4(92) to -6(138) HP Element FireSmall extra

Spell Information

Inflicts damage, with a chance of double damage. Also gives the Ecaflip the Flaming state and 6 to 10 levels of Lucky Day.

Spell Progression

Effect DamageMin320385673
Critical DamageMin426487092

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