Foggernaut Spell CybotCybot

Class: Foggernaut
Unlock level: 4
Type: Summon

Element NeutralSmall
6(3)Action point 2Wakfu point

1Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Cybot makes an excellent ally, as the Fogger can use it to attack or move around more efficiently."


  • Build a Cybot:
    • 7(25)% of Foggernaut's HP
    • Memorizes and relays Stasis shots
  • Deactivates the Microbot

Spell Progression

Effect AP cost6 5 4 3
% of Fogger's HP791113151719212325

Spell Information

  • Foggernaut's mechanical pet.
  • It has 6 AP, 4 WP and 3 MP, as well as 1 Initiative and 4 Perception throughout all levels.
  • It can memorize one of the four following Stasis spells at any given time by being hit with them: Heart of Steam, Ray of Stasis, Stasis Shot, Stasis Strike. Level of Cybot's spells is tied to the caster's spell level. Please note that Aynaloxide will damage the Cybot. Cybot also has a spell that attracts the Foggernaut to it - Retreat.
  • Cybot's level corresponds to the level of
State Relay


Lvl. 1-10

This state doesn't stack

Propagates the Foggernaut's shots in front of him
Damage increased by 5(50)%
state under which it works.

Cybot's Spells

Foggernaut Elemental Spells:
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Foggernaut Spell AynaloxideFoggernaut Spell Heart of SteamFoggernaut Spell Ray of StasisFoggernaut Spell Stasis ShotFoggernaut Spell Stasis StrikeFoggernaut Spell Stasis Thrower

Active Support Spells:
Foggernaut Spell DismantleFoggernaut Spell Foggernaut BlockadeFoggernaut Spell FogginatorFoggernaut Spell MicrobotFoggernaut Spell MotherfoggerFoggernaut Spell RetreatFoggernaut Spell Stasis Flux

Passive Support Spells:
Foggernaut Spell Armor PlatingFoggernaut Spell Critical TurboFoggernaut Spell Fire and OilFoggernaut Spell GrooveFoggernaut Spell Painless Steel

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