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Critical Hits

Critical Hits are an aspect of the combat system which represent a particularly successful attempt at an action.

All weapons and most spells have a Critical Hit variation of their normal effect. This usually means doing higher damage. However, a wide variety of critical hits effects exist, so check the spell to be sure what it does.

Critical Failures

Critical Failures are an aspect of the combat system which represent a particularly unsuccessful attempt at an action.

Unlike Critical Hits, a Critical Failure simply causes the action to fail, however, the cost (in AP/MP/WP) is still spent.

Base Values

  • The base Critical Hits value for all classes is 3.
  • The base Critical Failures value for all classes is 0. Without increasing this, no Critical Failures will occur for a character.

Hit vs Failure

If you manage a Critical Hit and a Critical Failure in the same action, then the Critical Failure takes priority and cancels out the Critical Hit. The cost will be spent, but nothing will happen.

Altering Criticals

A number of spells and effects can alter the chance of Critical Hits or Failure of a creature.

Class Spell Effect
Cra Element NeutralSmall.png Sharpshooting Trade MP for +Critical Hit
Ecaflip Element WaterMedium.png Meowtbreak +Critical Failure to enemies, +Critical Hit to allies
Element NeutralSmall.png Ecaflip's Tarot +Critical Hit/+Critical Failure
Element NeutralSmall.png Perception +Critical Hit
Element NeutralSmall.png Paws Off +Critical Failure
Element NeutralSmall.png Rabies +Critical Hit per attack
Sacrier Element NeutralSmall.png Mark of Clumsiness +Critical Failure


Cost Max Lvl Effect
15 22 +1 Critical Hit


  • "Critical Hits" is often shortened to "Crit", "Critical", or "CH".
  • The Critical Hits characteristic is also known as Ferocity.
  • "Critical Failures" is often shortened to "CF".