Before creating a character

To play Wakfu you will need to create an Ankama account and download the game client. On the login-screen, enter your username and password. Due to an Ankama decision, you will automatically be assigned to a server based on your location. To change servers, you will need to contact Ankama support who will provide you with a new account for the server of your choice.

To play Wakfu on steam you will need to download the game and it will automatically connect you to your steam account. You still only have servers based on your location.

You can make 5 characters per server or for limited time you can buy more slots.

There are currently eight servers:

  • Aerafal (French speaking)
  • Dathura (French speaking, but also accessible to Spain and Latin America)
  • Remington (International English speaking)
  • Elbor (Spanish speaking)
  • Amara (German speaking)
  • Nox (North American English speaking)
  • Efrim (Portuguese speaking)
  • Phaeris (Asia-Pacific English Speaking, has a separate client)

Each Server has its own official forum and Community Manager with the exception of Nox and Remington which share the same community since March 2013.

Creating a Character

Click on one of the 5 empty slots to create a new character.


Choose from 17 different classes. Different classes have many different roles/builds and greatly impact gameplay.

Current classes:

CraClassSymbol Cra
Cras are proud archers.
EcaflipClassSymbol Ecaflip
Ecaflips are the gamblers of the land.

Eliotropes are manipulators of space.

EniripsaClassSymbol Eniripsa
Eniripsas are fairy-like healers.
EnutrofClassSymbol Enutrof
Enutrofs are greedy treasure hunters.
FecaClassSymbol Feca
Fecas are specialists in shields and protecting allies.
FoggernautClassSymbol Foggernaut
Foggernaut are robotic masters in sabotage.
IopClassSymbol Iop
Iops are fierce close-combat fighters.
HuppermageClassSymbol Huppermage
Huppermages are rune masters.
MasqClassSymbol Masqueraider
Masqueraiders are acrobatic combatants who wear masks that give them powers.
OsamodasClassSymbol Osamodas
Osamodas are summoners.
PandawaClassSymbol Pandawa
Pandawas are a race of pandas, typically fond of the bottle.
RogueClassSymbol Rogue
Rogues are cunning bandits who use bombs and guns.
SacrierClassSymbol Sacrier
Sacriers are obsessed with pain and get their powers from it.
SadidaClassSymbol Sadida
Sadidas summon dolls and control the environment.
SramClassSymbol Sram
Srams are stealthy combatants.
XelorClassSymbol Xelor
Xelors enjoy meddling with time and space.

Cosmetic Choices


Select your character's sex by selecting the male or female sign. Sex does not have any effect on your character in combat. It only has cosmetic impact such as: pose, stance, emotes sounds and appearance.

Character colors

Character colours

On the "Customize" screen, you can select three colors for your character, which affect how your character's sprite will appear on the map and combat screens. This does not have any effect on your character except for the appearance. (Please note: Your colors cannot be changed, so choose carefully!)

The customizable colors are skin, hair and eyes. Only the offered colors can be selected, but by selecting one, a shade of the color can be chosen instead (eye color does not have shades). The specific colors available to you are dependent on your class and gender.

A Xelor is only able to customize its skin color and clothing. Iops, Sacriers, and Eliotropes cannot customize their eye color. Foggernauts have no clothes.

Character name

Select a name for your character. It cannot conflict with an existing character on that server. There is also other various restrictions of the type of names that can be created.


Once you have created your character, your character will have no nation and you will be starting at Incarnam. Incarnam is the starting area where you will be taught about some of the aspects of the game.

Please note that at any time, you can click back to any of the Character Creation windows. You can also push escape to go back to the character select screen.

Any character can be deleted. It will only ask you once 'Do you really want to delete (Player name) forever?' so be careful.

How to Play

When you play Wakfu, you are in control of your Character. You move by clicking with your mouse. You can interact with glowing objects by right-clicking on them. Check out Commands and Shortcuts for more.

What you could do

Possible things that you could do within Wakfu:

  • Complete Quests (Adventure, Environmental, Automatic or Discovery).
  • Obtain rare items.
  • Become known as a Governor and run your Nation.
  • Choose to protect the environment (Wakfu) or destroy it (Stasis).
  • And level up!


This is a general overview of the game touching on many different aspects of Wakfu.

(Wakfu MMORPG) Wakfu Beginners Guide

(Wakfu MMORPG) Wakfu Beginners Guide

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