When crafting items some recipes produce items of varying quality based on your current craft skill. As your crafting ability improves, so does the quality of your product (the quality of each recipe is separately accounted for). The Craft Quality of an object determines its effectiveness when used. Items gained from defeating monsters are always considered Perfect, even though they are not technically crafted at all.

Only perfect quality items count toward Set bonuses, or as ingredients for additional craft processes.


  • The Craft Quality of an item is in brackets after the item's name.
  • Shapeless: This is the lowest quality of an item, but the easiest to achieve.
  • Imperfect: This is the medium quality of an item.
  • Perfect: This is the highest quality of an item.
    • Items of this quality do not display their quality after their name.
    • Only items of this quality count toward Set bonuses.
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