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Coqueline (dubbed as Mishell in the English version) is a demigoddess of the god Osamodas and a member of the The Siblings.



Season 3

Coqueline is the first of the Siblings that the Brotherhood of the Tofu encounter inside the Tower of Dreams. Her teasing spurs a short fight until one of her pets temporarily turns the Brotherhood sans Elely into Tofus so she could have a private word with Elely.

She told Elely that she hates violence, especially violence towards animals, and she hopes to make the World of Twelve a better place for animals and reveals she has a vast collection of animals inside the belly of her giant frog, all contained in magic bubbles and sleeping soundly.

After having spoken with Elely, Coqueline undoes her spell on the others, restoring them to their real forms, and allowing them to continue on through the Tower, though she asks Elely to consider their conversation.


Evident by her young age, Coqueline loves to tease others and laugh at their discomfort and playfully toy with them. She was utterly convinced that Oropo is a savior while Yugo and the Brotherhood of the Tofu are misguided troublemakers, and wanted Elely to join the Siblings.

Despite her behavior, Coqueline has a soft and vulnerable side she only revealed to Elely, that she hates violence, especially towards animals, which she loves dearly and hates to see them suffer in any way at all. This is what motivates her towards the cause of Oropo to usurp the Gods and take their place. Like Oropo, she despises the gods for their indifference and caring nothing for their own demigod children.


Osamodas Magic - Coqueline possesses Osamodas Magic and seems to be quite skilled in using it despite her age. She can extend her body and limbs and temporarily turn people into tofus with but a single touch of her finger. She also has a natural ability to command creatures and befriend them.

Speed - Coqueline's speed is so fast that even Yugo was impressed by her reaction time.

Semi-Immortality - As a demigoddess, Mishell can potentially live forever but can still die.





  • Her English voice actress, Cassandra Morris, originally voiced Evangelyne in Ankama's Kickstarter trailer.
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