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Consumables are a type of item that gives beneficial or special effects. No item can be used during combat and using one consumes it.

Bread made by a Baker are used to heal when outside of combat while a few others give temporary bonuses to maximum health.

Food made by a Chef usually gives different stat bonuses to your Characteristics. It usually gives bonuses to Damage and Resistance, Lock, Dodge, Initiative and Critical Hits. Important items like KenKO which revives targets outside of combat and Raid Boole which removes De Darm are also included here.

Most professions can create Profession Boosters that will reduce their gathering time by 10% and they last 15 minutes.

There are three types of consumables:

  • Duration - Gives bonuses for a set amount of time, usually 15 minutes. It doesn't wear out even if you log out or your character dies/gets knocked out. During battle, the timer will continue ticking down. If the timer reaches zero during battle, the effect will wear off after the battle. Some items(like Dr. Pooper) gives a special cosmetic state to the player, usually by transforming them. They have a timer but it'll also wear off if you enter a battle.
  • One Battle - Gives bonuses only for a set amount of battles, usually one. It will last indefinitely until you enter combat. The bonuses are frequently related to Wisdom and Prospecting. It will wear off even if you win or lose a battle.
  • One Use - Items that can be only used once for a specific effect outside of battle. Bread, Fairyworks(fireworks), bombs, Lanterns, One Use Shovels and Emote scrolls all fall under this.

You can only have one effect activated each for "duration" and "one battle". Consuming an item that gives another "duration" or "one battle" effect will overwrite the old one. You cannot stack or extend an effect even if it's from the same item or if it gives the same status or state.

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