Many commands and Shortcuts are listed in the option window (press ecape then you can chose Options). all in that window can be changed and text can be inserted for say text macroes. By typing /? or /help many commands wil be shown in game log.

There is a Kama icon that can texted. It's different on different types of keyboards. For some it's the § symbol that changes to the kama symbol.

Chat Commands

Type Shortcut Description
Various /? or /h or /help Shows commands in Game log (green)
/ping Shows your ping
/time Displays clock and day or night
/clear Clears all messages on current tab
/suicide Die and teleports to savepoint
/invite playername Invites player to party
/pause Stops all messages on current tab (shows messages missed when repeated)
Chat channels /l Vicinity channel (say channel)
/w playername or /wisp playername Private message
/p Party channel
/t Team channel
/g Guild channel
/m Trade channel
/r Recuritmane channel
/f Public Politics channel
/f# Private Politics channel
Emotes /sit use the emote sit and regains hp faster
various See Emotes for commands
Friend list/Ignore list /whois playername Shows the player's nickname
/listfriends or /lf Lists everyone on your friends list
/addfriend playername or /af playername adds player to friendlist
/removefriend playername or /rf playername removes player to friendlist
/listignores or /li Lists everyone on your ignore list
/addignore playername or /ai playername adds player to ignore list
/removeignore playername or /ri playername removes player to ignore list


Keyboard shortcuts can be changed in Commands at the option menu.

Type Shortcut Description
Battle H Call for Help
Ctrl + F Use the weapon in your left hand
F Use the weapon in your right hand
Ctrl + H Display health bars in combat
End End your Turn/positioning
T Activate/deactivate Fighter Transparency
Delete Give up
Ctrl + L Lock the fight
R Indicate a cell to your team
Shift + L Achivement Monitoring
Ctrl + F1 Secondary shortcut bar 1
Ctrl + F2 Secondary shortcut bar 2
Ctrl + F3 Secondary shortcut bar 3
Ctrl + F4 Secondary shortcut bar 4
D Calendar
B Switch between the World/Fight shortcut bars
P Character page
X Climate
C Contact Book
J Professions
W Ecosystem
E Emotes
G Guild
I Inventory
M World Map
Shift + M Minimap
L Achievement
Q Quest Book
N Policy
Shift + O Osamodas Gobgob menu (Osa Only)
F1 Shortcut bar 1
F2 Shortcut bar 2
F3 Shortcut bar 3
F4 Shortcut bar 4
S Spell Book
Display A Show characters behind walls
Ctrl + Shift + Space Show/Hide interfaces
F12 Screenshot
Ctrl + Shift + D Change the level of detail of the fight
Shift + D Change the level of graphic detail
NumPad + Zoom
NumPad - Zoom out
Chat Ctrl + Space Auto-complete a name
NumPad-1 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-2 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-3 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-4 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-5 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-6 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-7 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-8 Say: *Insert text*
NumPad-9 Say: *Insert text*
Enter Write/send message
Ctrl + Down Replay to the first contact
Ctrl + Up Replay to the last contact
World Shift + H Enter/leave Haven Bag


Type Input Description
smilies/faces abouve charactar

(Listed in Smily list)

:D Delighted
;D Admiring
:p Mocking
:$ Mischivous
?? Confused
:( Sad
:/ Suffering
-_- Blasé
:O scared
:o Surprised
oo* Enlightened
;) Wink
xD Enthusiastic
:@ Angry
:'( Crying
:-E Furious
{3 In love
:) Happy
Text bubble effects !!
Shouting bubble
** Thinking bubble

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